Face Glazing 2017-09-15T10:39:36+01:00

Ever since the increased popularity of oak framed buildings there has been a natural draw towards making these traditional buildings lighter, warmer to give a more contemporary feel.

This can be achieved by a method called face glazing. This will provide you with fully glazed areas within your frame that will give you air tightness, warmth and maximum light. Within this any requirements i.e. opening windows, doors, emergency egress’ can all be produced and combined with the face glazing to meet all your requirements.

Over the last 13 years we have provided our face glazing system and joinery to many satisfied customers.

Our components are sourced from all over Europe. We personally select our timber from France or Poland to ensure that only first quality seasoned timber is used within our face glazing, the glass is supplied by one of two of the biggest glass manufacturers in Europe and our seals and tapes are manufactured in Switzerland and is of the highest quality. This together with our fully trained team of qualified joiners will produce a more superior product